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Hotel Colosseo Shkodra - Welcome to the real heart of Shkodër, the Colosseo Hotel. Start your day with a coffee at the Colosseo bar, a perfect combination...
per night
Center-Park Shkodra - Just a few meters from the sea, in a very favourable position on Velipoja beach, you will find the Centre Park Hotel. Our hotel co...
per night
Hotel Kompleksi Arifi Shkodra - Enjoy a wonderful destination, inspired by an extraordinary landscape, provided by Lake Skadar. Infinity of services, according to...
per night
Hotel Rozafa Shkodra - The Rozafa Hotel is one of the main hotels of Northern Albania. Positioned in the heart of the city of Shkodër, it offers an excel...
per night
Europa Grand Hotel Shkodra - The Grand Hotel Europe located in the heart of the city of Shkodër offers you the atmosphere of a magnificent hotel, with contempo...
per night
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