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Different Hotel Fier - Different Hotel, new and very comfortable and convenient comes for you with a modern design and refurbishment, surrounded by green...
per night
Hotel El'Don Park Fier - The Eldon Park Hotel is located near the centre of the city of Lushnja. If you are looking for a hotel of contemporary design and...
per night
Laguna Park Fier - Welcome to Lagoon Park, to spend your holidays in Albania for hunting and fishing. It is located in the Lagoon of Karavasta, which...
per night
Hotel Pilo Lala Fier - The Pilo Lala Hotel is located in Konjat, near Lushnja. It is built in a modern style and is fashionably designed and furnished.
per night
Hotel Pilo Lala Fier - Pilo Lala is a hotel where you will find hospitality, a combination of the traditional and the modern and where everything is devo...
per night
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